Forward Is the Way Through

by Recue

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Akrasia 06:00 video
back at it, back at it look what is happening works like a pathogen worst of the savages perfect to handle it irking these amateurs turn up the hammering volume is maximum put em in bandages you don't wanna challenge it whole different caliber blown like a handkerchief the top I'm inhabiting shat on the narrative all me no additives yes to a sedative, stay on the positive Im tryna get it in, they on the opposite ain't no one stopping this ain't it so obvious highly competitive talking bout dominance lot of adrenalin spoonful arrogance taste of real cockiness loud mother fucker check my table manners high up feeling i could take the planet my dress code different I embraced the blackness get em all as yet another example so y'all ready know i be raising standards breaking bad mean I'm building over a sample heads banging to the soundscapes of damage is like when Newton got hit with an apple leaving em baffled feet to gravel how we landed keeping a balance amongst the madness speak of talent I got the magic playing em angles like a gamble serving em stanzas, call him Sampras move trough the crowd like phantom shutting shit down by pushing hands up flow so wild she said I'm handsome throw it around, i'll take advantage and come unannounced like a Costanza blowing a cloud, you wish had some choke on the loud, bogus amounts hold on the crown, dope as it sound dope when it count goes without asking soul of Jim Brown go in for action open em out, shouldering styles showing em how we get it cracking all in a orderly fashion imagine I been up for days I been up for days burdens in my soul courage by the case current mind of state honoring the code get em out ma face get em out my face switching up the pace finger fuck the bass now this shit for those with acquired taste getting in control while they tryna take tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em betta stay up out my way do what i can make what y'all got can wait tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em not today tell em betta stay up out my way do what i can make what y'all got can wait tell em not today
Fathoms 06:12
Routavaurio 04:42
Forward is the Way Through Waitin', for the light at the end of tunnel to fade in I go to war with my body painted These spiral arrangements A statue of David With graffiti on it Do I really want it Rise from the ash, tackle the task Shadows laying dormant They started coming for me The darkness here is gorgeous Be patient til the morning My vision doesn't help Leaning up against the wall in this fuckin cell Tryna get down to the marrow just to suck it out I gotta rupture bone I gotta suffer now I gotta go alone I gotta buckle down I wanna overdose I hear propellers and they never gonna hover low Low low low low I'm all alone in this cobra nest (Aye) Eyes ominous glowing red (Aye) Hand reaching to held my neck They wanna pummel my soul to death Melted my coat of arms Glad I can hold my breath Locusts be tryna swarm Reaching to find my totem Cracking the diamond open Happy to finally rest Look in the tunnel they wanna take me I prefer to be hunted, a hundred snake teeth Tryna get me to visit and promising me divinity Wanna stay with the living and have a great feast When the code be deciphered Alone with my purpose Writhing with the spiders and the toads Picking bones from the serpents breeze getting cold make me nervous Homie try to hold me I'm determined Tried to find the screaming when I heard it Moss, on the wall Start to harden, and start to grow Its closing in on me, I'm losing air quick Getting crushed by the weight of it all Look a serpentine dread lock woman straight dead in the eye Turn stone to protect, settle and never die
Lumbago 05:25
Helinä 05:20


Forward Is the Way Through is the fourth full length Recue album. It's a double release with the 2nd part being remixes.

"After a long period of remixing, collaborating and releasing singles on various labels, I've compiled a collection of tracks that represent a time period which started from losing two close family members for cancer. That threw me off of making music too systemically for a while and I was just creating whatever felt right at the time. These tracks have been with me for a good while, I've toured with this material, different iterations might have been heard here and there; and some have been released as singles. They haven't at the time necessarily been created specifically for this release, but all of them represent a specific period of my life, hence why they belong together. I feel that now it's time, as the title implies, let them go and move forward.

I'm humbled to have some of my favorite artists like Hecq, Sieren and Pixelord among others to contribute on the 2nd part of the album."

Forward Is the Way Through Remixed can be found here:


released October 2, 2020

Composed and produced by Riku Annala
Track 2 lyrics and vocals by Jesse Markin
Track 5 lyrics and vocals by Joshua Dahlquist

Track 1 byLukas Turza / Snap Mastering
Track 2 by Fanu
Track 3 by A.Fruit
Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7 by Michael Diekmann

Artwork: Mark Tarnashinski / Lonekink


all rights reserved


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