Forward is the Way Through (feat. Beige)

by Recue

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Forward is the Way Through Waitin', for the light at the end of tunnel to fade in I go to war with my body painted  These spiral arrangements  A statue of David With graffiti on it Do I really want it Rise from the ash, tackle the task Shadows laying dormant They started coming for me  The darkness here is gorgeous Be patient til the morning My vision doesn't help Leaning up against the wall in this fuckin cell Tryna get down to the marrow just to suck it out  I gotta rupture bone  I gotta suffer now I gotta go alone I gotta buckle down I wanna overdose I hear propellers and they never gonna hover low Low low low low  I'm all alone in this cobra nest (Aye) Eyes ominous glowing red (Aye) Hand reaching to held my neck They wanna pummel my soul to death Melted my coat of arms Glad I can hold my breath Locusts be tryna swarm Reaching to find my totem Cracking the diamond open Happy to finally rest Look in the tunnel they wanna take me I prefer to be hunted, a hundred snake teeth  Tryna get me to visit and promising me divinity Wanna stay with the living and have a great feast When the code be deciphered  Alone with my purpose Writhing with the spiders and the toads  Picking bones from the serpents  breeze getting cold make me nervous  Homie try to hold me I'm determined Tried to find the screaming when I heard it Moss, on the wall Start to harden, and start to grow Its closing in on me, I'm losing air quick  Getting crushed by the weight of it all Look a serpentine dread lock woman straight dead in the eye Turn stone to protect, settle and never die


Forward is the Way Through is the main single from the upcoming album of the same title. It's a collaboration with Seattle based rapper Beige, that despite originating from few years back seems to bear heightened relevance today. In addition to the rather hard hitting original, Berlin based sound designer, producer and composer Hecq provides a gorgeously soothing remix that wraps the original in his signature sublime soundscapes.

Instrumental of the original is provided as a bonus track for purchases of the full single.


released May 1, 2020

Composed and produced by Riku Annala
Lyrics and vocals by Joshua Dahlquist
Track 2 arranged and produced by Ben Lukas Boysen
Mastered by Michael Diekmann
Bonus track mastered by Riku Annala
Artwork by Mark Tarnashinski / Lonekink


all rights reserved


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